The solution for your home!

You can use PWR Mini Saw® to cut any type of materials. PWR Mini Saw is the perfect tool for repairing and improving your home with the most professional results. With PWR Mini Saw® you can effortlessly cut metal, carpets, stoneware, wood, tiles, plastic and other materials.

Modernise your workshop!

PWR Mini Saw® is the most complete and versatile saw on the market. PWR Mini Saw includes:

  • PWR Mini Saw® - 400W hand-held saw
  • 3 spare blades (ø 54.8mm * 11.1mm)
  • Suction tube with universal adapter
  • Blade-dismantling tools
  • Instruction manual in English
  • Carrying case with security lock

Professional equipment!

  • 1x tungsten carbide blade (18 teeth) for wood
  • 1x speed steel blade (30 teeth) for laminate, plastic and aluminium
  • 1x diamond blade for tiles
  • 1x dedusting tube with universal adapter (1.65m)
  • 1x hexagon socket wrench (3mm)
  • 1x hex key (5mm)

Take home the complete equipment of professional tools consisting of a hand-held saw and a whole set of useful accessories at a reduced launch price:


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